How to Keep Your Customers Loyal by Combining Marketing & Sales with Customer Service

Creating brand loyalty is a process, not an event. It’s something that has to be consciously worked on as a company to remain successful and relevant. The loyalty of your customers can make or break your business. With the continuing rise of e-commerce, competition is becoming more cutthroat every day. Customers have more purchasing options than ever before, and they’re taking advantage of them. If you want to keep your customers coming back again and again, you need to build brand loyalty with all three pillars of customer service: marketing, sales, and customer service. Let’s look at how these separate departments combine to create an effective strategy for keeping your customers loyal.

What is Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is the customer’s positive emotional connection to a brand or product, along with a willingness to repurchase and recommend it to others. Companies that can increase their customer retention rates by building customer loyalty will have a competitive edge in their industry. Marketing and customer service departments have different goals. Their methodologies are different. But customer loyalty – the result of successful marketing and sales tactics paired with effective customer service – is the same for both. There’s no one-size-fits-all definition for customer loyalty. But there are plenty of theories that can help you understand what it encompasses. Customers are loyal when they feel as though you have their best interests at heart. They feel as though they have a personal connection to your company, product, and brand. This can be built through effective marketing, sales, and customer service tactics.

Why is Customer Loyalty Important?

Loyal customers are more likely to buy from you than new customers. They tend to spend more money across a broad range of products and services. They create positive word-of-mouth marketing and are less likely to leave you in the future. With the right strategy, you can create customers who will remain loyal to you for decades. Companies like Amazon, Disney, and Apple are excellent examples of how to foster customer loyalty. All these companies have strong customer loyalty because they have a customer-focused approach, not just when the sale is being made, but for the lifetime of the customer. When you have a high amount of customer retention, you’ll enjoy lower marketing costs, increased sales and profits, and higher customer satisfaction.

How to Achieve Customer Loyalty Together with Marketing and Sales

Customers are already loyal to your company. Now it’s time to make them loyal to your brand. This is a two-step process that involves marketing and sales. You can’t forget about customer service and miss out on half of your strategy. Step 1: Start with Marketing. Unless you’re a very well-known brand, you’ll want to introduce your product or service through marketing channels such as paid advertising, content marketing, and PR. You want to create excitement and buzz around your product or service in a way that establishes your brand as a leader in the industry. Step 2: Drive Sales with Effective Customer Service. Once you have customers, the next step is to retain those customers by providing exceptional customer service. Put your best employees behind the customer support desk and in touch with your sales team. Customer retention is one of the best indicators of how well you’re doing your job as a business. If you can retain customers, you’ll be able to grow your company.

How Customer Service Fits In

Customer service is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to customer loyalty. While it has a place in both marketing and sales, it’s under a different department. Customer service handles the day-to-day operational needs of the business, including how customers are treated and the quality of service they receive. The best way to increase customer loyalty is to make sure they’re satisfied when they do business with you. Satisfied customers are loyal customers. There are plenty of things you can do on-the-ground as a business to increase customer loyalty. Some of these are purely operational and others are more about the experience customers have with your brand. From the type of language you use with customers to the way you tackle complaints and resolve issues, everything you do can help make your customers feel more loyal to your brand.


Brand loyalty is the holy grail for any business. If customers love your brand and products, they’re more likely to stay loyal and buy from you again and again. It’s not something that happens overnight, but it can be achieved with the right combination of marketing, sales, and customer service. To keep your customers coming back, you need to make sure they are treated well every step of the way. From the moment they discover your company and products, to the moment they make a purchase and discover how to use your product, and finally when they need help and support.

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